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Landlord Inventory App Kennington SE11 | Property Inventory DIY App – Photographic Inventory Reports

Do you know with Mint Inspect App – landlords, tenants, agents can quite simply generate photographic time-stamped reports in minutes. You will now be able to save a huge amount of money and time by utilizing Mint Inspect

In this article, we will explain how effortless it is to generate comprehensive photographic inventory reports in order to protect your rental residence, guarding you against significant damage, breakages, iron burn marks, stains or dents. You can now ensure your property is returned to you damage-free and professionally cleaned.

How can Mint Inspect App Help You

Mint Inspect is an iPhone / iPad App and it a powerful yet easy to use DIY Inventory App that will help you to create photographic time-stamped reports for your property quickly and easily. All images taken utilizing the app are automatically time-stamped making the report legally binding, which will help support; any claim for damages arising from tenants damaging the property.

Click to see our 2-minute video tutorial to see how easy it is to inspect your property.

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Prices for Mint Inspect Landlord Inventory App Kennington SE11 is £15.00 on a pay as you go basis or you can sign up for a Monthly Subscription starting from £ 30.00 per month. Drop us an email at mintinspect@gmail.com for more information.

What’s best practice when taking Photographs using Mint Inspect App

In order to prepare an efficient photographic inventory report, it is vital to take clear pictures of locations such as floors, work surface areas, windowsills, furniture items and the interior and exterior of all home appliances.

We have prepared a checklist document for the list of areas you ought to photograph which will make your document in-depth enough to safeguard your property against any prospective damage at the end of the tenancy.

Download: Mint Inspect Inventory Checklist PDF

Mint Inspect App – Cleaning Standard and Best Practice

Every residence really should be professionally cleaned before renting it out to tenants You should ideally accomplish this before you undertake the inspection using the Mint Inspect App. Chrome taps, showerheads and washing machine soap trays are generally items that tenants usually ignore cleaning at the end of the tenancy. So, it is a great idea of taking ‘close up’ photos of these items in particular. The pdf property checklist document in the above hyperlink clearly provides all the “close up” images you ought to take when checking your residence.

Mint Inspect app also lets you take photographs of the cleaning invoice and any other suitable documentation that you or the tenant would find useful.

Mint Inspect Landlord Inventory App Kennington SE11 starting from £15.00 – Click here to Download.

Mint Inspect App – Fire & Gas Safety – What is Best Practice?

It is best practice to take pictures of any smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, gas safety records and electrical safety records present in the property. Accomplishing this will certainly safeguard you from any unexpected event such as a fire or gas leak whereby you need to make an insurance claim or prove to the legal court that you have complied with any Landlord Safety Laws.

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Prices for HMO Landlord Inventory Services in Kennington SE11?

1. Pay As you Go inventory reports from £ 15.00 per report
2.  Monthly Subscription starting from £ 30.00 per month. Email us at mintinspect@gmail.com for more information.

Mint Inspect Landlord Inventory App Kennington SE11 Property DIY HMO Inventory App.