Property Inventory Software – Mint Inspect

Private Landlords and Letting Agents can use Mint Inspect Property Inventory Software to create Photographic Inventory Reports in minutes.

Simply download Mint Inspect App from the Apple App store, create an new Account, inspect your property by taking clear Photographs and prepare a time-stamped PDF report. Have a look at the Sample Inventory Report, which you can create in Minutes.

We have made sure, the inventory software is super easy to use. Here, you can view a 2 minute video tutorial: Property Inspection Software Video Tutorial.

Please note, all reports prepared using Mint Inspect Inventory Software is legally binding as all photographic taken using the App is automatically time-stamped.

Instructions on How Landlord Inventory Software – Mint Inspect works?

1. Download and Create an Account

You can download Mint Inspect from itunes by clicking here: Download App. Once you install the App, create a New Account.

2. Add a Property

Once you are in, Tap the Add Property button and Enter in the Address you want to Inspect.

3. Add Rooms

Once you have added a Property, Tap the Add Room button and Add a Room you want to Inspect. You need to repeat this process to Add all the rooms in the property.

4. Take Photographs

Tap the Room you want to Inspect and tap the “camera icon”. Take clean and clear Photographs of all the important areas of the Room i.e Flooring, Window unit seal, all surface areas etc.

5. Add written notes

Tap the “written notes icon” and add any relevant written notes.

6. Cleaning Standard & Condition dropdown

Tap the “cleaning standard dropdown” to select the relevant cleaning standing. Mint Inspect have provided 5 easy options to select from. Follow the same process for the “Condition Dropdown”.

7. Submit Data

Once you have collected data i.e photographs, notes, dropdown selections etc for all the rooms